rainbow is not a joke

19. 12. 2008 | † 22. 12. 2008 | kód autora: dhS

´suicide is not really kind of emo stuff. it is quite human thing.´

´hm, it´s especially selfish thing.´

´well..i have just said that it is human thing, haven´t i?´


sometimes you just feel like you have to do something.like write those shits in english,or not go to the school,or lie to everybody around you.well,people do those things.it´s what we get at the very beggining.lying.lying.and lying.i love tash,ofcourse i do.i love her more and more than anyone here.when everybody suck,she is there.when everybody have got the need to play like they are adults and like they understand everything and now everything,she is still here.with me,´ungrown´.she drinks coffee,she loves,she talks like a really inteligent adult...and still she doesn´t have the fucking need to pretend she has already grown up.it seems like a real problem recently.(((everybooody.)))

so i will just play some tibetian music and i will do the things i wanted to do today.i can start whatever i want.i can do whatever i want.i can say whatever i want.

if i´m finding something in my life? ofcourse i am. freedom (i won´t find it anytime, but i don´t mind) i will travel so much, i will feel the freedom. (from the inside)

just sending some hugs to my beloved tash.


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